The animator

Lena Rudinger is for now the only animator of the association “La Grâce”. She is one of the founding members of the association and is it’s official representative.

Her biography:

  • She had a good general and musical education (she was member of several choirs and learned several music instruments).
  • She studied in Berlin and Greifswald in the former German Democratic Republic and obtained her medical degree in 1984.
  • Due to growing difficulties in her professional life and with the society in general during the “soft revolution” in 1989, she left Berlin in the “pursuit of happiness” and discovered different alternative communities. This led her to the Gers in South-West France, the region, where she currently lives.
  • She intensifies her physical activities like Yoga, (Free) Dancing and massages and meditations. They progressively became part of her daily life, providing her personal pleasure, well-being and emotional stability.
  • She followed a training of “Massage Sensitif” (sensitive massage) directly with the founder Claude Camilli, at the Infoméca school in Saint Gaudens.
  • She has made many enriching experiences during her professional activity as practicioner of “Massage Sensitif” and of the Sensitive Touch (Authentic Touch).
  • She has made a training in Art-therapy with Julia Huppert (close to Tarbes).
  • In 2010, she discovered and loved Biodanza. Since 2014, it is her biggest passion, where she spends much time, budget and energy. She has made three years of the formation to become facilitator in Biodanza at the Toulouse-Occitanie (ECBTO) school. Since January 2018 she is animating weekly Vivencias for a group of Biodanza in the Gers, in the South-West of France. She has also followed a training for the extension of the Biodanza approach called “Tree of desires”.
  • Since 2017, she is practising the Dance Contact Improvisation and other forms of Free Dancing. They are a wonderful additional possibility to dance alone or with others, in an incredible freedom of body expression, with or without music and with a mutual harmony with the different partners. Since 2021, she organises regularly workshops of Free Dancing, on saturday afternoon all the 3 weeks, also near to Manent-Montané. (More information you’ll find on the beginning of the page “Biodanza”)