This web site presents the activities of the association “La Grâce”.

The new school year is near to the beginning! Our courses in Biodanza will take place since the 26th September 2023 et in Free Dancing, they begin on the 23th September 2023.

It is in state of renovation and we please you to excuse some faults. 😉

The association started in 2017 and it’s goal is to practice, promote, teach and support different activities for personal evolution; especially those which are based on a meditative state, above all the Biodanza and the Sensitive Touch. Additional activities include free dance (contact improvisation dance) and silent meditation.

The association is based in a small town in the South-West of France called Boulogne-sur-Gesse, which is located at the juncture of three departments (the Haute-Garonne, the Hautes-Pyrénées and the Gers), 90km in the south-west of Toulouse, and 45km in the south of Auch, capital of the department Gers.

You will find more detailed information for our activities in Biodanza in the News section of this web site and about Free Dancing on the page called now yet “Biodanza”.

The sessions of the Sensitive Touch (Authentic Touch) are hold in a cabinet close to Boulogne-sur-Gesse, by reservation only.

If you are interested, please contact Lena Rudinger who is responsible for the association and the animator of the Biodanza sessions and practitioner of the ‘Sensitive Touch’:

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Here are a few videos to learn more about Biodanza:

Biodanza - The Dance of Life


Biodanza: Dance of Life, San Francisco School of Biodanza, USA (short version)