The weekly Biodanza Sessions

We  beginn on 26th September 2023 ones more our proposition to dance weekly in Biodanza: This is near to MANENT-MONTANE, a little village in the south of the department Gers. There is no possibility any longer to dance in Auch. But every week, a car comes from Auch with people who like to dance in Manent-Montané.
The cours is open for beginners who would like to join us. The sessions happens every Tuesday (except the school holidays).  They begin in summertime on 18H30, (you can arrive from 18H00 on) and with the change to wintertime, they will begin at 18H00. The first session is free. The sessions are held in a cosy and welcoming room made of natural materials and with a nice wooden floor. We can explain you the exact location and how to get there, at the inscription for your first free discovery session.

There is no need to know how to dance. What matters is the desire to express yourself freely with your body, with the music and often in contact with the other persons. You are the master of your movements and you decide what you want to express and how you want to do it. We encourage the participants all the time to listen to their own impulsions in connection with the instructions, most very general, given before every dance.

How to dress ?

It is recommended to wear comfortable and loose clothes in order to not be hindered in your movements. Different layers of clothing will help you to adapt to different body temperatures. As during a dynamic dance your body will heat up, whereas during a slower dance you will want to have more clothings on. For the footwear, we mostly dance barefoot or with anti-sliding socks.

The drinks

If you want to drink during the vivencia, we will ask you to bring your own bottle. During the introduction for the different dances and exercises there is always enough time to get hydrated.


In order to be able to let go in a free body expression, we highly recommend to not speak during the vivencia. You can come 15 minutes before the start of the vivencia to talk with the other participants and/or the moderator. You can also share your experiences, impressions and projects with the other participants in the circle of speech.


The first session in our group is a try out/discovery session and is proposed for free. After this, you have the possibility of single sessions for 12,50 euros. Or you chose one of the 2 differents subscriptions of 7,50 or 10 euros. Please contact Lena Rudinger if you are in financial difficulties.


Please contact Lena Rudinger also if you want more information or if you want to subscribe for a session.