Sensitive Touch

The Sensitive Touch, also called Authentic Touch, is a way to heal, release pressure and create well being by the Touch. The healer, in our case Lena Rudinger, puts herself in a deep relaxation state of mind and transfers this to the patient by adapted movements: sometimes with strong pressure points, but most of the time with soft touches.The deep relaxation, that leads sometimes to sleep or a state really close before it, is the most available effect of this special kind of Touch. But yet after a short time, this deep relaxation, close to sleeping, leads often to a freshness and a dynamic energy, like many patients have told.

Sometimes, the persons are disappointed to have “missed” the session because they have been falling asleep, but probably the body has received all important impulses and informations of the care and of course the deep relaxation of a nice sleep. Progressively with the treatments, the patient learns to let go faster in this state and to accept all sensations of the present moment without judging, evaluating or reacting. More and more the patient can let himself lead by the wisdom of the body, the wisdom of life.

When the voluntary movements are slowly cleared – and this is what happens – sometimes, the body takes over and induces some  movements. Those movements are in a complete coherence and harmony between the patient and the healer. This appears from the outside as a dance on the massage table. But often, the relaxation guides to a immobile state.

By this deep relaxation state, the patient learns also in his daily life to let go the voluntary control when it is more braking than helping (and this takes place much more than we estimate it).

He/She makes the experience of a new profound and unifying contact with the body. And he/she can enjoy a deep harmony that is only possible in that special state of mind. It’s the state of a profound meditation, when the barriers between inner and outer part are melting together and where we are more witness than actor. Most of the healings are happening on the dressed person. The clothes should be comfortable and light and shouldn’t stop movements. If the patient asks for it, the touch can be done on the skin by using a little bit of organic oil and covering with a thin cotton tissue the body parts that are not touched. The last situation leads to a more sensitive healing, rather the first one encourages more the psychic effects, so the deep relaxation and the connexion between the patient and the healer.

There is the possibility that the relaxation releases long time repressed emotions like tears, shouts and anger. But those cases are rare, as most of the time, the emotions are dissolved in harmony, lightly and without a big outer impact. If not asked differently, a soft music accompanies the session and helps the good synchronisation between the patient and the healer.

In most of the cases, a session lasts 1 hour: 5 minutes preparation, 50 minutes of Sensitive Touch and 5 minutes for a light and harmonious way out. At the first session, the preparation part last a little longer because of the explanations of the method. So a little more time than 1 hour is to anticipate. After request and agreement with the healer, longer sessions than 1 hour can be possible.

The sessions of 1 hour cost 40 euros, but financial difficulties should not be an obstacle. The fee for massages on the skin is 45 euros because of the heating which is necessary.

Nearly all sessions are held in our cabinet, near to Boulogne-sur-Gesse, on a massage table. If necessary and helpful, they can easily be done in other conditions, for example in a wheel-chair (for example in a retirement home or at home), sitting on a chair (for instance during a wellness exhibition) or lying on a bed (at home or in a medical institution). Those specific sessions are to be prepared with our healer Lena Rudinger.

It is recommended at the beginning to be healed in a range of one or two weeks, to accustom body and mind to that way of healing. Otherwise we start each time for new. Later, the frequency depends on the wishes, the invest and the attitude of the patient. The sessions can be often or rarely. Everything is possible because a person that is used to that kind of touch easily enters that state of mind even after a long break.