Biodanza in brief :

In a short time, we will write here some more about Free Dancing. Till this arrives, this side carrys yet the wrong title. But till the final change, here some first informations about Free Dancing: We organise every three weeks an afternoon of Free Dancing who takes place also in “our” nice place near to Manent Montané. This scool year we begin the meetings on Saturday the 23th September 2023. We are dancing between 14h30 and 17 pm. You could come later or go earlier. The fee is (5-) 10 euros. Welcome to join us.

Here, yet for the moment, till the final change of the site, some theoretical informations about Biodanza:

Biodanza is a wonderful system of various dances and exercises – all very different – of which 10 to 15 are selected by the “facilitator” to build a vivencia. The facilitator is the name given to the moderator, who tries to help the participants to join in the vivencia. The vivencia is the name given to one session of Biodanza; but it is also the name given to the mental and physical state that is aspired by the participants: live really intensely all sensations (physical, emotional, auditive, …) of the present moment.The facilitator often gives instructions before starting a dance; but these are rarely structured and fix choreographies. Nearly all the time, the participants are invited to freely express in the most authentic way following their own desires, impulses and needs the deepest as possible. Sometimes everybody dances for him/herself; but very often there are invitations for partner dances, or dances with more persons and sometimes the whole group.

Dynamic dances are combined with slower dances to make it pleasant for the human body energy.

Biodanza is principally permissive: nothing is imposed. All the time the participants are invited to let go all domestic constraints to come back to their real needs and desires.

The more easily it is to listen to it’s own needs, the easier it will be to behave with others: as well in the dance as in the daily life. In this way we can live a magic harmony of which the wise call: “at the end, we are all one”.

More detailed informations on the Biodanza sessions currently proposed by the Association La Grâce can be found on the News page.

Biodanza  – if you want to know even more

Biodanza is a wonderful method, created in the second half of the last century by the Chilean Ronaldo Toro Araneida. He was an anthropologist, psychologist and artist and people who knew him personally often said he was a genius.

At least, he ingeniously discovered the therapeutic effect of the music and got inspired by it to propose various different dances and exercises.

In it’s system we find more playful and happy dances and some are more silent and serious. Others are very dynamic and active, whereas others are very slow and nearly in immobility. Some dances are very rhythmic and some more melodic. Sometimes everybody dances on  his/her own, sometimes there are partner dances, sometimes in small groups and sometimes even the whole group. Very very rarely concrete choreographies are used. Nearly all the time the moderator – in Biodanza called facilitator – gives instructions in a general way that are inviting the participants to realise the dance with their own movements, with their own way to move and to express themselves.

The music for the dances comes from all horizons, from all time periods and all styles. It is mostly chosen according to its emotional impact; it’s effect on the limbic system.

On a theoretical side, Rolando Toro’s method has tapped in all times and places, in all different sciences and all system of belief. In the centre of its theory is the biocentric theory. This means that it is not the earth (geocentric), or the sun (heliocentric) or mankind in the centre of all, but Life (“bios”) itself. “Life is right” is one of the fundamental sentences of the biocentric system and it induces humility, acceptance and a lot of joy.

The intelligence of life, that is unconscionable for our human intellect. It is the root of a great confidence, when it becomes the principal base of life. It opens our hearts by giving trust and support. (Of course, it could be opened to question to name this basic principal of all things – like in other terms – simply “god” or “nature” or anyhow else. But “the Life” is a neutral, universal and general noun that seems right).

Rolando Toro has committed himself to teach his method also in Europe and other continents where it got well spread. Everywhere in the world, there are proposed sessions, workshops and schools to become facilitator. All are there to bring more joy, sincerity and open-mindedness for Life in all it shapes and colours.

“More Life in life” is a sentence that describes very well the reason of Biodanza and the fascination of this method that opens up the path to more spontaneity, more tolerance and more responsiveness by giving some sense of awareness and awakening to everything that is yet stiff, inflexible and locking in each of us.